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Capstone Outline

This week I outlined my paper in LaTeX (Burns Capstone Outline). I also began searching for a good proof regarding panel data to include in my paper. What I’ve found so far are rather lengthy and technical papers with titles that sound appealing for my purposes.

Next week I plan on reading through some of the materials I have gathered. This will be a continuation of searching for a good proof, as well as gathering information to include in my paper. I may also begin filling in my outline, if time allows.


Outlining Capstone

This week I spent about five minutes writing a very broad outline of my paper. I then went to Prof. Munson’s office to go over it with her. She said it looked good.

What I need to do next is type my outline in LaTeX and start filling it in with detailed information. Also, I was told that a proof exists that would be great to include in my paper. Thus, I will also spend some time searching for that proof.