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Capstone Update

Over winter break and J-Term I thought of my capstone project seldom and worked on it even less. However, towards the end of J-Term I did make a trip to PLU’s library. I checked out three books on data analysis and panel data modeling, and began breaking the panel data model down to its simplest form. Ironically, its “simplest” form was too big to fit on a single piece of paper, and involved several matrices filled with summations.

One interesting thing that I learned was that the basic form of the panel data model actually has four variations, each based on its own set of assumptions. Needless to say I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I also met with Professor Munson last Wednesday to discuss the error term of the basic form(s) of the panel data model. We agreed we needed to do some more research and meet again at a later time.


Modeling Crime

A recent article from Math in the News titled Preventing Crime with Math discusses the work of University of California-Santa Clara Professor of Mathematics George Mohler. Mohler has applied an algorithm used in modeling seismic activity to crime in Los Angeles. The model developed by Mohler models burglaries and gang violence.

According to the article, crime is similar to seismic activity in that it is initially difficult to predict, but is usually followed by smaller “afterschocks”. The model uses the algorithm to compute which houses are likely to be struck by a burglar given their initial crime. This model has been considered so effective that the Santa Cruz Police Department is working with Mohler to adapt the model for their use.