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Starting with Beamer

This week I began editing my paper. I also outlined my presentation and began setting it up in Beamer.

Next week I will finish the 2nd draft of my paper. I will also finish my presentation in Beamer.


Not Much to Report

This past week has been full of midterms. Hence, little progress has been made on my capstone. I did, however, receive some helpful comments on my rough draft from Prof. Edgar.

This next week I want to do what I had hoped to do this week. I want to fully outline my presentation, and edit my paper. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll even start working on my beamer file.

Finished Rough Draft

This past week I finished my rough draft and turned it in. It took a long time because the sources I used were inconsistent with each other. I had to interpret things from each book in terms of the other books in order to make it all work well together.

In the coming week, I hope to start outlining my presentation and start editing my paper. Prof. Munson will also be going over the math in my paper to make sure it’s right.

Quick Update

Last week I was not able to get any further work done. My plans for this week are to do any necessary additional research as I write my rough draft. Hopefully by the end of this week my rough draft will be well on its way to being finished, or finished already.