The title of the article, Internet Has Been Mapped to Hyperbolic Space, says it all. But what does this mean?

Unlike Euclidean space, hyperbolic space does not require parallel lines to be paired uniquely. That is, given a line A and a point B which is not on A, infinitely many lines can exist that intersect B and are coplanar to A but do not intersect A. If that wasn’t clear enough (I’m not sure I even understand it, someone please correct me if I am wrong), just think of every point as being able to be a hyperbola.

Anyways, with the capability of mapping the internet to hyperbolic space, the article explains that glitches could, in theory, be entirely gotten rid of, while speed would be greatly increased.

I’m not sure what it means to “map the internet”, and I don’t really fully understand what hyperbolic space is, but this sounds like an interesting topic. Given the time and proper resources, I would like to learn more about this.