In Stephen Wolfram’s talk Computing a Theory of Everything, he describes an incredible project that he has been working on called Wolfram Alpha. The talk begins with Wolfram illustrating how relatively simple programs can produce infinitely complex results. This inspired him to make all knowledge computational, and led to the creation of Wolfram Alpha.

Wolfram Alpha is a remarkable website that allows its users to type in any question, and generates a seemingly well-informed answer. It can even generate code based on the queries of its users. What I found to be most amazing about Wolfram Alpha is its capability to be used for simulation, experimentation, and discovery. Wolfram explains, “We can use the computational universe to get mass customized creativity. I’m hoping we can, for example, use that even to get Wolfram Alpha to routinely do invention and discovery on the fly, and to find all sorts of wonderful stuff that no engineer and no process of incremental evolution would ever come up with.”